November 8, 2010
By nikastarks BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
nikastarks BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
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Together we can save the world from itself
Our child, the world
We have to rear it up to be its best
Save it from the perpetrators
Protect it from the speculators

Together we can establish a healthy body of society
As oppose to the cancerous growth of evil on every parcel of the earth
Killing, no more. Stealing, no more. Lying, no more.
Sick and tired of being sick and tired of the people who mold the world to be this evil place of residence
Time has passed
But the evolution is slowly progressing like the snail on the side the road
It keeps pushing though
As it glides its way to where it aspires to be
Slowly but surely it gets there
Inspiration the snail shows to our degrading society

Together we can equalize the blood of man
As it runs through everyone’s veins the same
Warm, full of life and all the same, our blood should symbolize people
Cold and unequal is the reality of man
Sad case it presumes but
The world is only how people make it
Hoping someday that all children of God can come together in peace
Wishing for a better day, so my kids could love, hug, and kiss without feeling the restriction of race, color, or sexuality
A restriction that weakens our inner soul that purposely judges knowing that it shouldn’t be that way
But it is

In unity we are powerful
As we stand together, bonding, gluing our beliefs and standards of living
All diverse, but the same
Making the world ours with the demand for the best
The world,
A gift given to us from the Almighty God to preserve and protect until his return
Together we can make him proud as we save ourselves
By saving what we all have in common
Our child, the world.

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