Dance Of The Fireflies

November 8, 2010
By KuteKat PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
KuteKat PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
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"Oh God, pray Thee, so that I can be beautiful within" - Socrates

What sees the eye? In the darkness fly,
A thousand little lamps alight.
The others hushed in wealthy thoughts,
As princely jogs the kindled lot.

In fervent hop above the head,
In restless trot around the feet.
What lies unseen in daylight, made
Into a dancing, golden fleet.

Dance, the heart, to the merry sight;
Lighter feels the beholder in mind,
Smile he does to the graceful flight,
Of little stars in the land of blind.

When all around sleep the likes,
Shimmer, flicker, stagger all-
A gilded light doth come alive,
And then a thousand follow waltz.

One by one, and off and on,
In and out of caves and boughs;
Ballet to a silent song:
Candle light in streaming rows.

Greener goes the silver Moon,
As regal goes the legion’s march;
Brighter shines the gilded shoon-
In idle waves and floating arch.

The pallor of dawn, and the awakening rays,
With greater gold outshines the grace;
Softly tread away the gems,
To be seen again in nightly realms.

The author's comments:
Isn't it strange, how the good people in your life actually stand out when you are in times of need, just like the fireflies shine out in the darkness of the night? It is true...the truth shines out amidts all the lies...and at the end of the day, you'll always see that, its the little things in life that are the most beautiful and give us the mysterious the little fireflies that dance and wake up the night...

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