The Doll is Waiting

November 6, 2010
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Blanketing the ground, sugar-like snow…
… Atop a dead branch, a dark and disturbing crow.

… Not a person in sight for kilometers.
Not even small or big critters…

Eyes of the Doll shine with the color of tears-
It looks outside, no one cares.

Its smile is a line that stays like a permanent marker-
Keeps her intact like glue, but it’s not a happy mark.

Thread-like and dyed to the color of caramel,
Hair of the Doll flows down like a waterfall.
Its face resembles a cherub’s and cuteness swells,
Shows patience yet anxiety emerges from within, in all.

Red roses make the Doll’s dress-
Smells like honey and cherries.
Its rainbow-colored shoes made to impress-
They are the shade of berries.

The Doll waits for something-

What is this one thing?

It debates if it will come-
Settles to wait a some.

Monster eats at the Doll-
From the inside of its heart to its semblance.
It beats the Doll senseless-
The monster will never go away at all.

Monster eats the Doll,

Walls move closer and closer to it.

The Doll’s mind discloses negative thoughts-
They make the Doll doubt if it will come and rots.

… It left.

It gave in to its mind and the monster,
But the walls did not daunt her.

The Doll stood up and walked away,
Like a worker quitting his job at bay.

It could not keep waiting for it.

What did the Doll wait for?

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