Hello Stranger

November 6, 2010
By , London, United Kingdom
Hello Stranger.
How are you?

You look at me confused,
scratching your head.
You've never seen me before.
But I've seen you a lot.

You dont know me.
But I know you.

Who am I?
I cant tell you, not yet.
All I can say is I'm not a stalker.

I remember when I first saw you.
Your new brogue shoes and freshly cut hair.
A smile as big as the moon.
Was that when you fisrt saw him?

Next time, you twiddle your thumbs on the back seat of the same train.
First date?

I remember you run onto the train,
make up messed and tear stained cheeks.
First break up.

You thought it was glass smahing on the floor,
but it was my heartbreaking for you.

I've always hated seeing you hurt.

Hello Stranger.
I'm your future.

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