November 3, 2010
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i wish you could just tell me stuff. "i'll tell you later." yeah, okay. you won't CALL later. Ever since i sent you that text. thanking you for doing it. now, you WON'T do it. cool. COOL. "i love you babe." okay, prove it. call me. text me. RESPECT me. don't fight with me about stupid ****. okay? you win anyways. you always win. cause if i stick up for myself i'll scream and yell and rant and you'll leave. again. AGAIN. for the third?, fourth? time. NEVER- again, okay? don't leave. ever. ever again.
you'd want to KEEP me if you loved me. do you love me? i ask because you do this to me, okay? i trust you- but you give me no reason to. i trust you. i trust you. but you do this. but i love you. i love you, okay? you're mine, forever. for always- no one else's. MINE. mine. only me, okay?.. don't ever touch Kristina again. do you hear me? i don't like when you talk about her. talk TO her. when you're around her- NO MORE!, please... you know it bugs me, so don't do it, okay?

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