The Pain

October 27, 2010
She stands there wondering why this happened.
The world in her eyes is black.
Her heart feels like its been torn, her eyes cry tears of sorrow.
The sky is as dark as her heart.
Her life has ceased to exist as it had in her past days, her father is gone, he is not coming back, he has left before but never forever.
She doesn’t understand.
She needs, she wants the feeling of his big baggy shirt touching her as he hugs and holds her.
She dreams that the past could become the present again.
They went through a lot, they had their differences, but now she forgives him, but is to late.
She lives with the loss of a loved one, an important loved one.
No one can compare, no one share the same pain, no one understands.
The colors are vibrant when she thinks of her bright and happy days with her dad.
Her tears flow down like pouring rain when she thinks too much about him.
She wants the pain to go; she wants to hear her dad’s voice.
She knows everything will get better but she still feels the pain.

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