The Insomnia Monster

October 27, 2010
By peter15 BRONZE, Reston, Virginia
peter15 BRONZE, Reston, Virginia
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It creeps into my mind, body, and soul every night just as I am ready to be sound asleep in my springy uncomfortable bed, yet rather comfortable when I am exhausted after a long day of school, sports, and a late night out. It jumps into my every thought and my every bone. I scream out at it to let me sleep yet it just keeps screaming back for me to stay awake, to give in, to put the television back on and to grab a late night snack. Then it creeps into my past, and everything happening during the day. It throws my stress at me as if to keep me thinking about things it knows I will not sleep while on my mind. What is that test tomorrow about? Did you finish all your homework? How long until your parents get mad again? What is going to happen tomorrow when you tell your friend what you saw and heard? All the questions building up inside of me and chomping down on any chance I have to be asleep. The clock strikes one o’clock, then it strikes two, then three. What can I do to fight off this monster? The clock strikes four and finally I start to fade. Fade right into the alarm clock which will ring in an hour. Then it begins all over again and the fearless, persistent monster is back again with another sleepless night and another relentless day.

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