Back to school

October 27, 2010

From sleeping in, to happily jumping out of bed, the first day of school did not seem like a drag. In my head. Just the thought of seeing the smiling faces that I have missed so much, made me glow inside with such joy! Waking-up so bright and early with the sun barely peeking over the horizon, I quickly dressed and modeled in front of the mirror, making sure I was looking all fly' and What not. I left the house at six twenty-eight! On the dot! As I arrived at the bus stop, I caught myself with a smile on my face! WAIT! WHAT? A smile on MY FACE? That was strange. It seemed to me like this feeling of happiness to go to school, the one place everyone complains so much about it being a dump and all, it seemed like something I hadn't felt before. not even thirty seconds through the front door and I am drowning in screams, screeches, hugs and tears from all my beloved friends. This feeling inside... It felt so good, and so familiar, yet so strange and unrememberable... I liked it! But it also scared me. First period is over finished with history class, and now I fully remember this feeling now. School, friends, smiling, and laughing! school the one place in my world where everything is right and the worries at home about bills, cleaning and watching my sisters, it was all gone. It all just went “POOF”, Although here comes two ten. The end of the school day. Oh well I can always come back tomorrow!

The author's comments:
im 16 years old. the oldest of three girls, dealing with parents drama and and ugly divorce. school is my happy runaway safe place.

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