Paper Thin Eyes

October 26, 2010
By , willis, TX
She’s always been told she has a pretty face
She’s always been asked why she doesn’t have a man.
She’s confident in her motions
She doesn’t judge on outer appearances
An angel to everyone she meets
She has everything going for her
Her laugh is mesmerizing
Her body is slender but full in all the right places
Her skin soft as rose petals
Creamy like beige
Freckles splattered her nose and across her glowing cheeks
Her pink lips purse in the perfect pout
Her hair cascades down her back like long brown silk
Her eyes are the brightest amber
Surrounded by the longest lashes ever seen
God spent just a little more time on her
She seems perfect doesn’t she?
Nobody could ever tear her down
But behind the eyes and the hair and the perfect demeanor
Is a broken girl
A shattered heart
You can’t see the tears in her eyes or hear the screams in her soul
Nobody can
Nobody cares to listen, you don’t care to listen. Neither does God anymore.
You loved her and she loved you back with everything she had
But you let her go when she needed you the most
Why can’t she forget you?
She doesn’t know. She doesn’t know anything anymore
And at night she’ll keep praying
Every time she sees a star she’ll make a wish
For you to someday, somehow come back to her waiting arms
Even though she feels it in her heart not to give up on you
Her spirit no longer believes, because it is no longer there
You took that away from her too.
She smiles on the outside
But inside she’s screaming for you to love her
Nobody else will do
They would never have guessed she was miserable at best
She has always been good at hiding behind paper thin eyes
“She doesn’t date” they say
“She’s too good” they say
“She deserves better” they say
But little do They know

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