I Wish You Could Feel Me Breathing Now

November 7, 2010
Let what is destined to be,

Close your eyes,
And let yourself fall into me.

Stare at our stars in the sky.
Let joy moisten your view,
Because the world is ours tonight.

Just know that, baby, I love all of you.

Burrow into my neck and I will shield you,
From the monsters I’ve been,
From the others who have sinned,
And every other life that has turned you blue.

I will run my fingers through your hair,
Even when you’re not there.

As you wrestle within your sheets and your world,
I am guarding your heart with your forgotten sword.

One day you will soon realize,
Our souls are intertwined;
Destiny cannot unwind;
My love weathers the test of time;
And you cannot hide.

And why would you want to turn away,
From something so beautiful?

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