Off To Heaven

November 7, 2010
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Take my hand little one, it's time for us to take our leave.
We've been here for so long...
I've searched everywhere for you, little one.
From luminous fields, to the vast seas, to the highest mountains.
But, I never once thought to look here.
Was your wait interminable, little one?
What have you been doing while I was searching?
Waiting for me?
Ah, I see.
Let's go home, little one.
To the golden gates.
Into the holy light.
To our paradise.
To heaven.
Of course, I'm scared, little one.
But, we will go together.
We must leave our former home.
To enter our new one.
Yes, I miss our family..
Yes, I miss earth..
But, Heaven is our new home.
No more sorrow,
No more pain,
No more anguish,
No more rain,
No more snow,
No more parks,
No more night,
No more dark..
Only light.
To heaven, we venture, little one.
Away from our ruined home, we go.
To our future..
Come, little one.
Take my hand and don't let go.
Close your eyes and open your heart.
Here we go.

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