I Want to Be

November 7, 2010
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Why is it that they're so lucky?
I wonder as I admire their tiny wings.
I want to go with them,
To see new things.
I wonder what it's like...
To soar through the skies...
I wonder what it's like...
To see through their eyes.
Do they look down at us?
Wondering why we're so small?
As I look up at them...
Admiring them all.
Have they seen the heavens?
Have they seen me?
Praying that it's with them...
That I want to be.
Do they know what I want?
As they keep up their ascending height?
Do they know that it's me...
Who wants to be in flight?
Oh, how I want to be a bird!
To fly with them as one.
To feel like I'm at the ends of the earth...
When it's only just begun.

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