Best Friends

November 7, 2010
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I wonder if the relationships of best friends will last long.
Will one get tired of apologizing for what they think they did wrong?
What if one feels like their friendship is falling apart?
Is there anyway to rekindle ones puzzled heart?
What can one do when one loses interest in the others boast?
But, what can one do when one loses what matters most?
If one can only realize how much they've changed.
How is the other able to take the relationship to a different range?
If one loses interest in a friend...
How is the other to fix it? How is the other to mend?
How can one forget all of the good times they've shared?
How can one forget it all, but in the end be scared?
Scared of the thought that the friendship might be done...
How can one forget the laughter, the excitement, the fun?
Can one truly forget the friend that they love?
Or, should the other be stronger and give it one more shove?

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