Dream Boy Part 2

November 7, 2010
By AnjiLegacy PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AnjiLegacy PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"When life has lost its meaning, continue on searching for its significance."

I thought of you again today,
Your face tattooed in my head.
I couldn't find the words to say,
But, there was something you had said.
You told me not to give up on love,
I scowled, but listened to your plea.
You said I needed a gentle shove,
And love will surely find me.
I ignored you and reached out,
My whole life, I went with the flow.
But, I secretly had my doubts.
When it comes to you, I am sure,
About what it is I need.
In my life, I wanted so much more,
But, never did I once succeed.
In finding a man,
To lift me high.
Yet, here you stand,
Staring into my eyes.
If you tell me right now,
That you want me to stay.
I will take my final bow,
And be with you everyday.
If you tell me you want me,
I will stay by your side.
Even if you are just a dream,
I will learn to abide.
You and I could live,
Together as one,
I would surely give,
The moon and the sun.
I would give my heart to you,
The man I dream of at night.
You're the man I wish I knew...
So, I won't give up without a fight.

The author's comments:
Second part. I wasn't willing to give him up, but I had to.

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