Dream Boy Part 1

November 7, 2010
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Time passes by so fast,
In the blink of an eye.
Even though time has passed,
It still remains you and I.
The warmth of your touch,
The taste of your kiss,
Is just too much...
But, you will be missed.
You stand in my dreams,
This godly man.
Nothing is what it seems,
but I still hold your hand.
In my imaginative mind,
We are whole.
A giant smile so kind,
But you have no soul.
It doesn't faze me,
That you aren't real.
As long as you and I can be,
In my never ending seal.
My dream has come true,
Though you're just in my head.
My dream boy is you,
To you I am led.
If only we could meet,
In my dream one more time.
But, my nightmares have me beat...
You are no longer mine.
Your dark hair,
Your light eyes,
Your loving stare,
My distant cries...
Will continue to ring,
In and out of my ear.
Though the thought of you stings,
I wish you were here.

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