Tell me your secrets...

November 7, 2010
Tell me your secrets,
your whispered conversations,
and your silent pains.
Take my hand and I'll lead you to a land of enchantment.
Share with me the times you came apart at the seams,
the moment when you couldn't move on,
and the instantaneous seconds it took for those big brown eyes to melt your heart.
Recapture the butterflies in your stomach,
the soft voice in your dreams,
and the immortal memory of a thousand broken hearts.
Remind yourself of the smile that lit up the whole town,
all the broken bonds,
and burned bridges.
Remenisce with me the too many pictures taken,
the late-night phone calls,
and the infinitum LOL's.
Find the last page you so desperately sought,
that love song that never began,
and the unfinished "Once upon a time's."
Don't forget.
Don't regret.
So if you trust me,
Tell me your Secrets...

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