The Reapers shenanigans

October 16, 2010
I lay helpless in a warm white room, Gasping every breath,
Awaiting the arrival of my friend, that they have nicknamed “Death.”

My heart beats deliberately, My muscles begin to ache,
As the coldness starts seeping in, my body begins to shake.

The door began to open as the clock struck 3:03,
I slightly opened my mouth and muttered “You’ve finally come for me.”

“Your time is up” it said to me, holding its scythe up high,
“But wait” I held up my palm and wheezed, “It’s not my time to die.”

A chuckle escaped its hidden mouth, The scythe fell upon the floor,
The reaper came close to me and said “You aren’t needed here anymore.”

“Shenanigans!” I bellowed, pushing out towards the reaper,
“Over ruled” It laughed back, as the pain I felt went deeper.

The Reaper hovered over me, It’s scythe now against my skin,
I felt It’s hot breath in my face, and I forced myself to grin.

I woke to find myself in a warm white room, Breathing calm and eased,
I smiled wide, and laughed out loud, feeling very pleased.

The Reaper will come to you sometimes, But you will never know,
If you’ll have the strength to say if he’ll stay or go.

You, and only you are your own life’s gate keeper,
Don’t be fooled by the shenanigans of the almighty Reaper.

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