My Prince Charming

November 5, 2010
By Gigi1 SILVER, Houston, Texas
Gigi1 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"the mind is like a parashute, it only functions when it's open."

I was working part time
At too late of hours
Cleaning someone else's mess.

You came in with a group of friends
Being men.

I smiled
Walking back and forth
Filling orders on my cards.

You could catch my eye
A mile away.
You could make my heart throb
Eight hundred miles away.

It doesn't make sense
Believe me I know,
Butbeing this close
Makes my heart want to blow.

Why you had this effect on me,
Only you could know
Your presence is exhilarating
I wish you could know.

You sit at my station
Whatelse does that mean?
I'd like to think coincidence,
But your friends begin to tease.

I walk up sheepishly
And that smile was all I needed.
I could get lost in those eyes
For hours and hours.
Your hair
So brown
Flowed like a river.
Your scent
So deep
I wanted to press to it permanently.

Why I let you do this to me
I wish I knew,
I don't understand
Why I wanted you.

You're richer than God,
More popular than me,
With more of a life ahead of you than me.

I don't have an ounce of money,
Nor was I on a social class.
A scholarship was my only future
And when I diddnt get that
I still had you.

Sounds irrelevent
yes I know,
But sitting here today
On the porch with you
Makes me wander,
How'd I get you?

The meadow ahead
Made wonderful space
For our children to run
With such little grace.
That came from you, you know,
And your two left feet.

Our little boy looks identical to you, with his liquid topaz eyes.
Our little girl looks like me with her tight curls clinging to her sides.

Swinging on the porch,
Sitting here with you
Pulls me back to the day
I first saw you.

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