November 5, 2010
Days go by without
Seeing your face
I’ve looked for it
Everywhere I go
I remember your smile
Your laugh
The feel of your lips
Pressed against mine
You were the one
Who could make me smile
Or cheer me up
When I was crying
To have you not with me
Is like not breathing
It feels like my heart stops
And that I’m dying
I wish we could go back
To what we used to be
Where we were close
And always talked
You were the one
That I had looked to
For advice about everything
But now I can’t find you
I remember being with you
Lying down and listening
To you play your guitar
Trying to make me smile
But now all of this
Is gone from here
You’re nowhere to be found
Nowhere that I can find

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FunFace said...
Dec. 19, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Great poem,

ok so the first thing i would say is that the line 'you were the one' is really great and i think it would be cool if u repeated it more.

Also i loved the part "i remember your smile

your laugh

the feel of your lips

pressed against mine"

great work :)

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