A Thousand Years

November 5, 2010
I've lived here for a thousand years
The sun won't shine, I've shed my tears.
My dragon slayer, where art thou?
I wait for you, I've made my vow.

I have been punished, many times,
My dragon so cruel, the fists leave lines.
In my tower, here I stay,
Waiting for you, my dragon you'll slay.

A thousand years is oh, so long.
To sit here, waiting; I sing my song
Of a knight so strong, a knight so brave,
Who saves his princess, the dragon's slave.

Truth be told, my dragon's not real.
It's just my captors, destroying, they peel
Away my life, away my friends
The pain and misery, never ends.

I met you once, in my time of bliss
The dance that we shared, that beautiful kiss.
With your big, sturdy frame, and charcoal- lined eyes
I've fallen in love, I do not tell lies
So, save me , my knight: take me away
I am trapped, and abused, my dragon you'll slay.

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