My Boy

November 5, 2010
My heart is soaring,
High above the clouds.

When I see his angel’s face,
I am like a feather, floating.

His eyes are chocolate brown.
He has hair like melted gold.

His smile is a sparkling white.
His breath is such a sweet scent,

That smells like cinnamon.
Sweet smelling, yet slightly spicy.

His strong arms, like a tree,
Ready to catch me if I fall.

Our hearts, beating in tune,
Like the sound of a drum.

When he give me roses,
My heart is in a flutter.

When he calls me baby,
I can hear his tender voice.

The softened look in his eyes
When he is staring at me,

It is clear all over his face,
That he is so in love with me.

It just makes me think,
Nothing is better than this.

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