My Reflexion in the Mirror

November 5, 2010
By , Papillion, NE
When I see my reflexion in the mirror, I just see a lie times 2.
When I hear the sound of my voice I hear words of failure.
When I see a picture of a girl, with average hair, short bans, brown eyes and a big smile I wonder, what happened to that girl, were is she?
I want her back. I'm not complete, something is missing.
I don't see the light inside me.
My heart aches. I hallucinate, there are no more daydreams, they are more of survival words to dream a world I will never belong to, your world.
Every word that comes out of me, every "I hate you" is just a lie to make me forget what one day felled about you.
My make- up doesn’t hide my anxiety, my smile is just a poker face, and my eyes
scream, what my lips can't say.
Look at my eyes and tell me you don't miss me, tell me you despise me, tell me you don't remember my name, lie to me so I can live with my pain, and my pain alone.
Touch me once, I feel I fly. Touch me twice I just die.
My lips are sealed with a oath of silence.
Being myself around you must be assigned to a special mission, cuz I just can't bail it.
Your hair like the sun, your eyes like the sky, your arms as my shield, your lips, my desire.
As the end of the day comes, I just cry, because, you, my sun, my life, my light, is gone, and now the dark scary night is coming back up, and with that, more of the same every day.
What can I say. When I see my reflexion in the mirror for the last time in the day, I just see a 15 year old teen, the one who likes you and will live to love you, if you gave her the chance.

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