daddy and war

November 5, 2010
Dad looked into my eyes, and without speaking,
Spoke a million words
Never did I think
It’d be the last of him I’d hear
I stood there cold as stone
Unable to move
I watched as a hero headed out to war.
And hoped that one day I’d receive a note
“Love I’m coming home”
I watched as he hopped on a boat and disappear into the
Sea I always wanted to explore
I found myself kneeling on the floor
My father wasn’t with me anymore
He had gone to war.
Day and night I sat by the phone
Praying for a call.

But one day, I received a note saying
“Baby I’m coming home,
Even though I’m as far as in a whole new world
I love you and together we will be once more”
The next day I rushed to the door
I was hoping to see my dad and embrace him in my arms
But I found a man who told me
“I’m sorry your dad died in war”
I collapsed to the floor, holding my chest
That could have not taken anymore pain.
I had lost my hero at war, my father, my best friend
My other half but now as I look up to the flag,
In it I can see my dad.
I now have his note and through out his words, we are always close.
Like he said we would be together once more.

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