A flower's song...

November 3, 2010
By , Hyderabad, India
I come out to the world,
at the tips to glitter gold.

I shy to see this nasty world,
for my shy never goes wrong in this selfish world.

My beauty's my curse,
with a texture that never goes coarse.

I love to bloom,
but seconds count upon my bloom.

It's a long struggle for a thing like me,
But sorry, only few hours to live.

I never trouble you,
but why you mortals feast my death?

I grow to a bud,
thanking my nursing golden mud.

You glare at me,
sweet, colourful assuring a world for me.

Night falls upon before my sentenced day,
my mind goes confuse whether to sorrow or gay.

My week's struggle gonna fulfil today,
but my life's gay gonna end today.

I shed the dew drops on my coloured cheek,
but they slip away leaving me at the peak.

Dawn arises, I blossom perfumed,
you smile at me,
but why don't you just stare at me?

I cry shedding tears,
invisible to your deathly mortal eyes.

But the moment comes,
I try to hide,
but your eyes falls on me,
your hand goes up,
my tiny heart beats fast,
and it's over! ! ! ! !

Oh dear god!

a humble request from a tiny flower.......
why do you give me birth, if you love me so much,
that you take me back on my birth? ?

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