Star Light, Star Bright

November 3, 2010
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Whenever I think where you are,
I always look at the bright star.
Wish you could see the stars with me
And count each one, starting with one, two, three.

It feels so lonely when I watch it alone.
All that's beside me are just piles of stone.
I call out your name in the evening sky,
Wishing I could hear your only reply.

As the star shines brightly from above,
Trying to trace your name from the constellations I draw.
I wish you do the same wherever you are now.
Write what you see in one single vow.

As I go throughout my day,
Everyday and night I pray.
For the guidance to have the confidence,
To see you is the greatest experience.

The day has come for me to talk,
Come go with me, let's have a long walk.
I felt so nervous when you were beside me,
But then you told me there's nothing to worry.

Now I've faced my nervousness,
All I felt now was happiness.
Now I'm here just with you,
This really is a dream come true. . .

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