November 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Softly, silently, the poison wove
Into the depths of her mind

Deadly, venomous, the liquid strode
'Till her pulsing heart it shall find

"Don't do it," they sung
"Don't take it," voices rung
But alas, pleas fell on deaf ears

And as she reached for the vial
With that poignant smile
Down, down, down, dropped the tears

It clawed at her lips
Down her throat it flowed

And she choked, yes she choked
In its bliss

In her body it rained
Yet still she writhed in pain

Unable to forbear Addiction's kiss

And even as she fades
Ever so slowly
Slowly, slowly, away

She remembers their faces
Full of remorse, not pity
As in the clutches of darkness she lay

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