The Battles Not Your's It's The Lord

November 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I've got a pocket full of sunshine, a wallet full of hope, and a credit card loaded with faith so I’ll never go broke. My mouth is filled with razors and my head with gold. Broken shackles on my ankles while I’m looking for a key to unlock it I gather my train of thought and plug it into the socket. I walk a busy path cause I’m not the only one going through trials and tribulations so I open up my bible knowing GOD’s going to fix it. Dodging all the lies the worlds heaving, picking up all the wisdom all the old folks been leaving. Flipping through the channels not interested in what the worlds got to show so I guess I’ll pop a few pills; wake me when the wars over.

The author's comments:
to mii the grace and mercy off GOD is the easy thing to write about and its what i like doing the most hope u like

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