Merlin's Grand Day Out

November 2, 2010
By MadAsAHatter GOLD, Ames, Iowa
MadAsAHatter GOLD, Ames, Iowa
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It was high noon yet the seas were as dark as midnight,
The choppy black waves seemed to blend into the clouds
Tossing a proud vessel as it liked,
Poseidon laughed as it struggled,
Pushing its winged masses with the fiercest of winds,

It was all the crew could do to hold on,
And pray for a god’s kindness,
Only a captain of kings could courage this wicked storm!
And oh what one was he,
Fierce as the night and more sensible than morning,
The scavenger of the sea and the retriever of the heavens,
Faster than any human could ever hope to be,
In fact
The crew was convinced that more beast than soul could be found
Behind his large dark eyes and rugged muzzle,
So the captain came out from below deck
And barked commands at his crew,
He knew better than to believe in such a storm!
He went straight to the front of the ship,
Where surly a mortal wouldn’t brave,

Then up on his haunches he howled a hymn
That went all the way to hell,
Calling the creature he knew by name.
Then up, up from the deepest waves rose the beast of beasts!
The devils own left hand and tail,
A giant serpent with leathery wings that filled the sky,
OH how the crew shook and yelled,
Never before seeing such a sight.
None nearly as brave as their dear captain
Who stood and stared straight into the sea snakes thousand soulless eyes.
The monster whipped its sleek tail,
And gnashed its sharp teeth.
Oh but the captain stood firm at the bow
Snapping and baring his teeth right back at the hell beast.
The creature riled and whipped its massive wings in confusion,
Thrown off by anyone who would dare face him.

Deep black rain began to fall
And the devil’s servant knew
This was the captain of captains
The one who called to him by name,
And the one of ones who he must defeat.

The creature grinded its teeth
Then lunged!
Six foot daggers aimed at the true commander of the seas.
The captain leaped!
Nails and nose out stretched
Onto the beasts fierce head,
Ripping into the scales for leverage.
Then the captain,
The king of the oceans, the paddler of all channels
Jawed his way into the creature’s great eye
And ripped it out with his bare teeth.
Sickening blood then mixed with the dark waters below
As well as the octivating scream of this serpentine banshee.
The captain however was not confused
Nor did he give into whimpering
As he was jostled hither and thither
By the tremendous beast of the waves.
The creature rose its wings in pain
Then retreated into its death swamp
Where it was sure the captain could not survive.
Sickening cold and watery ghosts
Whirled about the captain
But he held steady,
Cradled in its’ great eye socket.
Even he the captain knew he couldn’t long survive the sea’s embrace,
So he retreated into the creature’s skull
Crushing his way to the massive heart.
He growled in anger at it, shaking his captainy snout.
Them baring his teeth once again
Ripped it right out of the murderous fiend.
The ocean blue could have no room for such a beast.
So then, the commander and chief of this oceany grave
Claimed his prize in the form
Of the monster’s spine,
Which he clutched in his teeth while he paddled back to the surface.
Not even the truest of sailors could believe the sight
When he boarded the ship with such a trophy.
The rain had stopped and all howled and applauded
As the captain shook himself dry.
Oh how the captain enjoyed the attention
As he paraded high chinned around the deck
and each of his crew gave him a pat on the back.
Oh how the sun shown once again
And the ship continued on its way.
And so our great captain of captains,
That master of the seas
Returned to his quarters, once again victorious.
Where he spent the remainder of the day rolling around,
And chewing on old leather shoes.

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