Sweet Child

October 21, 2010
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Sweet Child,
Don't you Cry,
Wipe those tears away,
And show me that big Ol' smile.

Now come here and tell me what's wrong,
Oh hush now my sweet child,
There is no reason to cry,
Be brave and strong little one.

Let me clean up that wound,
See? It doesn't hurt a bit!
There you go,
Theirs your sweet Ol' Smile.

Sweet Child!
What happen to you?
Did those bullies pick on you again?
Come here and let me clean you up.

Aww now now,
Don't you cry,
Be strong my boy,
Don't you worry.

Now go on and rest,
You have a big day ahead of you,
And my dear boy,
Don't forget to smile.

Sweet child!
Happy Day!
Oh you've grown up so fast,
I still remember when you were young.

What's with the frown?
This is your big day,
She's a lovely bride,
Now go marry your love.

I'll be okay,
Congratulations my boy,
I know you'll be okay,
After all I raised you didn't I?

Sweet Child,
Sweet Child,
You are not a child anymore,
Now wipe those tears.

I have grown old and weak,
My bones can no longer hold me,
My time has come,
Be brave, be strong.

I have raised you with all my heart,
Not it's your turn,
Raise your children,
Teach them well.

Wipe those tears away,
And show me that big Ol' smile,
Sweet Child,
It's time to let me go.

I will always love and care for you,
No matter what,
Until the end,
I will love you with all my heart.

Be strong,
Be brave,
Sweet Child...

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