Look outside the Windo

October 21, 2010
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Look outside the window,
On a sunny merry day,
When children laugh and play,
So happily and merrily.
When little birds sing,
There lovely sweet songs,
And little girls and boys,
Harmonize with the soft air.
Parents rest,
Parents talk,
On this sunny day.

Look outside the window,
At this crying day,
Little drops of tears,
Drop from the stormy clouds.
It looks so calm,
So peaceful,
And beautiful.
Is lured into a deep sleep,
A calm and peaceful nap,
Dreaming of sweet dreams,
On this calm crying day.

Look outside the window,
When the leaves change colors,
To red and orange.
Leaves would fall so endlessly,
And beautifully.
Reading a book,
Under the Sycamore tree,
Writing poems,
Love stories,
And letters.
Daydreaming as the leaves fall,
On this wonderful day.

Look outside the window,
Waking up one morning,
To see the snow,
That melted my heart away.
So soft and delicate,
So warm and joyful.
Little kids throw snowball,
At each other.
Stay inside your cozy house,
Drinking warm and sweet coco,
On this relaxing day.

Look outside the window,
On a gleaming night,
When the stars shine so bright,
When the moon is so round.
The night air whispered,
Sweet words into my ears.
The night is calm,
As everyone sleeps in bed,
With dreams in their head.
Don't stay up too late,
On this quiet night.

Look outside the window,
As the sun comes up,
So slow and warm.
Start your day,
With a smile in your face,
Laughter in your heart,
And joy in your eyes.
Your so beautiful like the quiet night,
Your so calm like the rain,
So radiant like the sun.
Please just stay with me a bit longer,
On this early day.

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