October 21, 2010
By Anonymous

You sit up there on your throne of bones
watchin as the rest of us loose our homes
watchin as hungry children
go hungrily to bed
dreaming dreams of hunger

you watch and don’t care
as long as your oil fields over there
are plowed with blood and mud
you are happy as can be up there

you watch as more flags are handed out
to next of kin they didn’t win
there loved one lies gone
surely they will run out of flags
that day has yet to come
more caskets everday
tell me what do you say??

You watch as jobs are lost
people lookin lost wonderin
okay what should I do

The man who bagged my groceries today
had a PHD he was a nice type a kid
maybe one day he’ll make manager one day
well that would make mommy say yay

You sit up there playin a game
lets see shall we
how many harmful things
can go in the environment today
that day BP spilled a big one
you outdid yourselfs

No one says
economy and toilet
not in the same sentance anymore
meanwhile theres a problem
that requires some attention
your gold toilet in your mansion
well its broke

prove me wrong
don’t prove me right
if you prove me right
I give up

The author's comments:
This is about my anger against rich people and the government in general.

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