Stories of Our Game

October 21, 2010
Part 1 (Cruelty Loves Misfortune)

Backed into a corner
Barakaded by fate and sickened humor

Frantic eyes search the sky
Looking for a way out
Or just a reprieve
However temporary it may be

Above, a face stares down
Familiar or not
It doesn't matter
Even in desprate times
Company is always welcome

So I lunge out
Grasping for anything that my pull me from the deadly still waters
Hands clutching something
It beats
I have her by the heart

Realizing my mistake
I try to release my hold
But she resists my retreat

A new player added to the game

Now both cornered with no way out
W search the sky once again
And wait for the next move

Part 2 (First Steps Toward A New Beginning)

The air is stearl
Fear wafts upon the silent breeze
Lights of the city below shine up at us the the threatening dark

We face each other
Eyes locked in eternal conflict
She breaks her gaze first
And slowly faces me again

A tear slides gently down her cheek
She waits for an answer
She waits for a reason
But those words would fall on deaf ears

So I take her hand
Reassuring her with my touch
As I feel her confusion fade
I nod to her
Signaling the last move in this game

With sirens screaming below
Our last steps are together
Followed by our flight to the streets below

Our last word
With sound pulled away by our quickening decent

I'm sorry

When the shadows fade from my sight
God's horrid joke
Has me waving her coffen goodbye

Part 3 (Unending Resolution)

After departure
I stand under the rain
Mentaly preparing my leave from existance

Now you see me
Now you don't

One second I feel remorse
For what I've done
Be it purposfully or accident

Then swept away into the void of a nonexistant world
Finding numbing arms spread wide to welcome me

Falling with direction fuled by traces of rage and envy

She was able to get out
Even at a price
It was better that where I put her

But I remained
Forever teathered to my place
Forever waiting my turn
Forced to dwell on the past and the saddenedly predictable future

I lay at the bottom of this abysmal void
The very lowest reaches of everything and nothing at all
Exactally where my life began and will end

A with my last glimpses of what I leave behind to return to my place in this game
I see nothing
For no one cared
For no one could see my hopes
The hopes that now are tired and empty

For no one could see my reality
The reality that I loath and couldn't survive without

To thing that this was all that I can leave behind
Untill the final turn

Knowing that it will never come
For I have seen what moves come next

I close my eyes
And drift slowly into nothingness

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writer3499 said...
Aug. 17, 2012 at 8:50 am
wow this is really intense and powerful! I really liked it! If you get the chance would you mind checking out some of my work? Thanks
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