October 21, 2010
I Feel like Everythings Falling
I Feel Like I am Dying
I Cant keep My Head Up
My Heart Is Being Stepped On
I Close My Eyes...Cause Everything Is Way Too Much.
I Dont Wanna See Who Is stepping on Me
I Had A Peek...
I Was Surprised Too See,
A While Ago That Person Was Next To Me.
SO I rather Keep My Eyes shut
I Rather Keep My Mouth Shut
I'm thinking Way Too Much
It's Hurting Me Inside
I Have A Broken Heart
I Have A Broken Soul
I Need You, God. I Need You
I Need You To Save Me Now
Cause I Been Weighted Down
My Strenght Has Faded
The Love I Had Is Gone
I'm Deep Inside A Rut
Dont Know Where i Landed
God, Oh Please I'm Begging You
To Be The Light That Leads Me
It's Like I'm Taking My First Steps
My First Steps Into A New A Journey
It's The Many Second Chance That You Gave Me
An Now I Will Take It Once Again,
Taking It Seriously,
Like It Should Have Been.

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