Don't Speak

October 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Don’t speak,
For Silence is my only friend.
Throughout it all,
He never left me.
He provides the bittersweet sound
Of Nothing.
His accompaniment,
Is Darkness.
Pain is their tag-a-long.
She clings to me.
Her familiarity stings.
She’s inside me,
She’s all around me.
When I think I’m alone,
They are always there.
Like a nagging hunger
They pull at my insides.
Silence grips my voice,
Forcing my lack of speech.
Darkness binds my thoughts
I have no control.
Pain grips my mind.
With every word,
She feels more at home.
I long to fill my days with
Will I always be subject
To the emptiness of dark?
Is there light out there
For someone like me?
No, don’t answer that.
Don’t speak.

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