November 5, 2010
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unable to find my way. I'm looking for a better day. Looking for the person to love. Looking for someone to hug. Disppointed by my success, I guess I havent tried my best. All alone in this room, no wonder I feel so much gloom. Trying to find a way out but I just keep going the wrong route. A fork in the road that no one has seen. Must I go on and be misteen? Misguided and misunderstood, why can't anyone see the good?
They look at me and wonder why? Why I'm this? Why I'm that? I was skinny, now I'm fat. Can't they look beyond the skin? Get past all the sin. See the true person I have inside, see the persont hat sits and hides. I'm not my outter shell I'm more than you think. You'd feel the pain I feel if you'd listen when I speak. The words I write and the things I think. Will never be known if you blink. So keep your eyes open and pay attention. You'll soon find out everything I've mentioned.

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Dec. 4, 2010 at 4:13 pm
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