She's not me; She's not me

November 8, 2010
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And I have this bitter edge to my tone, and it's taste taints my tongue as I speak these words.

I hope I threaten your precious security. I don't want you to have the sense of safety that you don't deserve. As you fall waiting for the catch I just want that net to fall from beneath you.

I hope I threaten your sweet sanity. I'd love for your mind to go on past it's limits and never come back. For your sanity to lose all control and slip from your grips is a horrible wish from my own loose lips.

I hope I threaten your killer confidence. For your hopes to drop from the heavens and crash down around you. The confidence isn't yours to rightfully own.

I hope I threaten your expectations. I want nothing more than for all you want to see disappear and fall into ashes on the floor.

I hope I threaten your entirety. The treasure it'd be to see your face fall to the ground in realization.

Because, in the end, we both know you could never live up to all I was, am, and will be. I will never be the past, always the present, and always the future. You cannot replace what you cannot be.
The security was in my grasp. The sanity was mine to keep. The confidence is mine to hold up high. The expectations are mine to see. My entirety cannot, will not be forgotten.

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