100 Years

November 5, 2010
By Anonymous

100 Years

100 years ago
The sky so bright
The clouds like white cream puffs
And the night fresh and crisp

100 years later
The sky is gray
The clouds tinted yellow
The nights getting warmer and warmer

100 years ago
The population was fine
Everyone living like a never-ending summer
Always room for everyone

100 years later
On the verge of 7 billion
No room for anyone
The population is exploding

100 years ago
Strangers were like best friends
People were polite
And every once in awhile you would get a random hi

100 years later
Strangers are one’s enemy
People only thinking of them
And glares instead of smiles

100 years ago
The world was better

100 years later
The world is falling apart
Just holding on by a thread

Together we can
As we go hand and hand
Taking the world by each step
As we fight our way to the end

If one can make a difference
Than imagine 6 billion differences
Being made
So…what do you say?

We are standing by
But the time just flies
We are waiting for a change
But the world keeps revolving
24 hours a day

So grab my hand
Take a chance
Let your power
Help to grasp this unchanging world

If we just give it a try
But so far
We just let the innocent die
As we sit back to afraid to step up

So imagine 100 years from now
The next generation
Left with a disaster
Unless someone puts their foot down now
And encourages 7 billion others too also
But only if we start now.
Not 100 years from now.

The author's comments:
The world is changing rapidly, so i thought I would write a piece about it.

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