An Empty Chair

November 2, 2010
An empty chair
Sits there,
For warmth,
Not just anything’s warmth,

Then you come in,
Not even to begun to realize or acknowledge,
That the chair would do anything for you.
Letting you treat it on however way you may want, or please.
Letting you,
Push it around,
Tipping it over,
Making it stand beneath you…
A chair tries holding you up, when you can’t even hold up yourself…

Then, you begin, to go your own way,
Ignoring all that, and all that the chair has done for you.
Abandoning it…
Then slowly,
It grows cold,
No longer feeling the way it did before, like it did,
With you…

Then suddenly, involuntarily,
It repeats the process,
It’s behavior.
Silently, patiently, waiting,
For you,
Waiting & Longing for the warmth, that it seems to only get,
From you,
& Only you….

Or a Person,
Is whom I believe we may act, like chairs towards,
Letting them,
Push us around, with poisoned filled words with their tongues that exit out of their lips.
Tipping over, what has now become the old point of view of ourselves. Making us think that our old point of views of ourselves, were false, and never could be true. Making us believe, that we were never a good person, and never can be... Making us believe, that all we ever do is mess things up. Making us believe that we can never do anything right for anyone else, or even ourselves. Making us believe, that all we ever do is…wrong….
Letting them,
Make you feel like you’re beneath them, that you’re not good enough, just second...
But just like a chair, we stay silent.
Believing that if we hold them up, it’s holding up ourselves.
When in reality, it isn’t, it’s only pushing us, and hurting us,
Deeper, and Deeper…

But that’s when we suddenly realize that we’ll do anything for them.
Because, when they leave, and we feel abandon,
& feel like we're growing cold, and begin to feel empty inside,
That little whisper of hope, of them coming back,
Makes us, to what seems involuntarily,
Repeat the process,
Our behavior…

Because in the end we’ll do anything to get and feel, warmth,
Because in the end, we’ll do anything to get, to feel, and to be,

Now here’s the question,
Do you,
Have you ever
Felt like,

An Empty Chair?

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