November 4, 2010
His blue green eyes,
Are just a memory.
One that is trapped,
In the deep depths of my mind.
I want to let go,
Move on.
But how can I?
As the memory,
Of his laugh,
His smile.
Stand out in my mind.
Nothing can bring him back,
No matter how much,
I wish and pray he is now,
A memory that flows,
Through my vines.
The image of the last time,
I saw his face.
If only I had know that,
The next time I saw him.
He would be a memory.
Now here I lay,
Awake in the night.
Wondering when the,
Pain of all this.
Will lessen but not fade,
As it keeps him alive,
In my mind.
So that his memory,
No matter how much,
I wish to forget,
Will stay with me.

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