No Hope

November 4, 2010
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The pain goes deeper
Deeper than the cut
Caught in repetition
Stuck in a rut
The tears flow faster
Than the blood on the her arm
The only way to feel emotion
Is to cause herself harm
The only way to see the truth
Is to blind herself from lies
The only thing she’s ever known
Is pouring from her eyes
The blade in her hand
Is her only friend
Ever since the beginning
She’s been looking for the end
The tears mix with
The blood on the ground
All throughout her life
This was the only escape she found
They think the words don’t hurt her
That they don’t make her cry
She might have a smile on
But inside she wants to die
Life’s been too tough on her
Too much hurt and pain
Her existence is pointless
She’s got nothing to gain.

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