November 4, 2010
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The whiteness all around
The feeling of utter nothing
Floating on cloudless air
Silence filling the air around you

Not knowing what you are doing
Not knowing where you are
No place for you to go
Nothing moving even an inch

The emptiness in your heart
The dread that won’t go away
The feeling that you are powerless
Even the smallest thing can hurt you

You have lost all will
Everything else has won
Lost in a sea of confusion
Chaos filling the room around you

The wave of grief drowning all else
Energy circling around
The world spinning, dizzily
The darkest abyss with no return

The searing pain of no tomorrow
The pain of no more control
Everything is gone
You are completely, utterly alone

Depression being the only source of living
Everything else burned at the stake
Inability to breathe
Shards of glass replacing all oxygen

Piercing light blinding our eyes
Then absolute darkness…

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