November 4, 2010
By Anonymous

You say you speak for everyone
you don’t speak for me
when you sit up there arrogantly
fighting away
not listening
One wonders...
if the republicans propsed a bill
that allowed cancer to be cured
would the dems pass it?
or vice versa?

They don’t speak for me
when Mitch Mconell a republican
leader vowed to stop the Obama agenda
today I wondered why?
will they even listen?

When Obama told the republicans to shove it
saying he got elected
then they turned around
not voting for anything??

George Washington warned us
he said political parties will divide us
will conquer us all
he said it would rip the country apart

I agree
you may say you speak for all
you don’t speak for me

47% say they want to kill the bill
what about the other half
the ones that want to keep it
do they speak for you?

what about the tea party
flags marching
speeches speeching
do they speak for you

we are the new generation
we are the ones poised and set

what will we be?

will Mitch Mconell and Sarah Palin
help start your future?

or will Obama and Harry Reid?

each makes there own choice
i’m not criticizing party choices
just the parties mind

Are you confident in your future?

do you wish like I that they would all just listen
say one two three eyes on me!
and listen to each other

because I want that for the country not this mess we have now

Am I confident in the direction of the country

lets see through lets see

The author's comments:
I just feel so disgusted with the country. Not meaning to seem prejudice I am disgusted with both parties but lets see hopefully i'm wrong

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