November 4, 2010
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I gently wake up as soft sunlight
Touches my face with a warm glow,
I get ready and rush downstairs
And sit down with my loving family,

As I stare into the TV, I see
Hungry children, crying for food,
An orphan wanders the street alone,
Begging for help,
A gross society obsessed with themselves
And their material possessions,

They turn a blind eye towards
all the world's problems,
As I think these things, I wonder,
Are we the lucky ones?

Or is our technology and luxury our curse?
What is it that sets us apart,
from the rest of the world?

If the rich gave what they should
there would be no poor,
It is up to our generation to fix
the mistakes of the past,
The world is a messed up place,
how are we going to fix it?

As I think these things, four people walk in,
A homeless man,
An Orphan
A hungry child,
And a fat man, covered in money.

They gaze intently at me as if searching through my soul,
What they notice most about me though is,
not the roof above my head,
not my family at the table,
not the food on my plate,
not the money in my wallet,

but the expression on my face

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