November 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Friendship is not of who you like or who is popular friendship is about who you love and trust. You never have a friendship unless both of the people love and trust one another. No matter how much you argue or how much you fight if you truly love or trust some one then you guys have a true friendship. Even guys if you know another guy and you trust him and understand him and he understands you then you have a true friendship so guys and girls go meet new people who knows some one out there might be a real friend.

The author's comments:
my best friends inspired me to write this poem because i can trust them and understand them and they understand and trust me too and this past three days we let some thing really stupid come between us and i admit it was really stupid. I hope people get that no matter what sex or age or skin color you are if you love,trust, and understand someone then give them a chance.

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