A collection of three poems

November 4, 2010
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English Test

The great big test
I know I studied hard, but I am still so nervous
English class is in 5 minutes!
Oh my goodness, I totally forgot!
Exclaims one student,
While another grabs her papers to study one more time.
Can we take it next week?
Each class begs the teacher
Who shakes her head.
As everyone starts, I feel some chills
Focus. Write. Don’t cheat.
As I look around the room
Heart pounding,
When the teacher smiles at me with confidence
I try a little harder and feel a little brighter
As I start writing, I got a lot of ideas in my head
My pencil started flying across the page
1 hour left
3rd page 4th page
Recheck the answers
Cross my fingers
Turn in the papers
Hope for a good grade
Anticipate something great!
Ahhh, a sigh of sweet relief.


Made for every ones ears
Used by all
So many kinds!
Incredible technology
Can it really make you feel better?

Piano Competition

Everyone is staring at me
Butterflies in my stomach aren’t even close
More like killer wasps in my tummy
Everything is slightly achy
The judges look very stern
But ones face softens
And gives me a big thumbs up
I hand my music to the judge
As she looks as my name tag
Writes down my number
I flex my fingers
Itching to get it over with
I sit down on the smooth leather chair
I slowly place my hands on the keys
And I start playing
Slow and plodding with no feeling
To playing with a lot of feeling
Changes tempos, speeds, crescendos
Move my fingers fast across the keys
Opps! I just missed a note
The judges are sure to notice
As I finish satisfactorily
I can feel my mothers gaze bore into my back
She seems to be saying
How could you miss that note?
You never do!
But as I leave with my music to collapse into my mom
She supports me
And seems very proud
My piano teacher is brimming with joy
I go to the recipient list
I see that I have won honorable mention
My face falls a little
But everyone reassures me that I was new to the program
Next year for sure
I am going to practice hard
And play piano
Like I want to

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