Dying Young

November 4, 2010
By jpitch17 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
jpitch17 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Only God can judge me"

Drowning in a sea of sorrow
I don’t even want to see tomorrow
The pain’s too much for me to bear
I call your name but your not there
I cry all alone
So I’ll die all alone
I try and cope
But there’s no hope
I please everyone but forget myself
God is there anyone who can help?
I thought forever meant forever
And the ending would be never
But love plays tricks
Another swing and a miss
Another tear on the ground
Another lost one not found
Another pain for my stressful life
I find myself reaching for the knife
I can’t control what’s inside me
I’m too far lost for someone to find me
So when I die God treat me kindly
I’ve been stumbling around ever so blindly
In this tunnel there’s no light at the end
Maybe if I just had the help of a friend…
I can no longer walk this road alone
I can no longer live without a home
I’ve been walking with my two left feet
I’ve been feeling my heart skip beats
I just want you to see me for who I am
I don’t want to only see my footprints in the sand
I can’t live like this anymore
I don’t want to be just a used-up whore
I can’t be alive any longer
I live a life of constant somber
So now I reach for the knife
And I’m committed to end my life
The first cut is as deep as it could be
The floor turns into a deep red sea
The blood mixed with the tears
Death is no longer something I fear
I feel no pain but the tears are streaming down
The end and I are now bound
I see black dots that cloud my sight
I’ll be dead before the end of the night
I clasp my bloody hands together
And pray that Heaven’s where I’ll enter
I pray I’ll see my sister and mother
I pray we’ll be able to hold one another
I pray that my dad will forgive me
I pray that my sister will not follow me
I pray that God will show me grace
For this choice I made that I cannot erase
I’m beginning to feel cold
I just want someone to hold
But I’m all alone in this hotel room
This bathroom will soon become my tomb
I’m still praying to the God above
I’m still hoping he’ll show me love
My whole life’s been an empty mess
I’ve gotten blood on my white dress
It won’t take much longer now
I don’t know how much blood loss my body will allow
I scribble bloody letters onto a note
My suicide letter will be the last thing I wrote
I sent my family all my love
Soon I’ll be up above
My blood is pouring out too fast
This life will now be part of my past
I feel myself die now
I still pray with my head bowed
I slip into unconsciousness
I now escape this bloody mess
I die quietly and alone
Now I’ll finally go home

The author's comments:
This is one of my longer pieces but I always write about dark topics and I try to be as deep as possible and to but as much emotion as I can into my writing.

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