Kidnapped Heart

November 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Parting is always bitter,
The memories bittersweet;
Remembering our love so dear,
For us, a final defeat

I remember still your smile,
The laugh you always made,
How all your promises you kept,
And never once betrayed

I dream about your eyes
The gaze I held so dear,
And long for your embrace,
For you to pull me near

It hurts so much to breath
To remember I’m alive,
I’m broken and I’m bleeding,
I don’t know if I’ll survive

You did not break my heat,
Though I’m in pain, it’s true,
My heart remains in one piece
You just took it with you

The author's comments:
When my angel died, I felt as if my heart was torn from my chest. There was something worse than pain; emptiness

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