Rising Up

November 7, 2010
By CALover SILVER, Kaysville, Utah
CALover SILVER, Kaysville, Utah
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When the flames start rising up
And I just can’t take enough
All my pain feels like the rain
On a cold thunderous day
When all my rays of sunlight have faded away
I search for my light in the night
I look up high into the sky
I see my dreams I see them soar I see them shatter
In my life nothing seems to matter
I scream and I shout and I dive into the water
Its all that seems to matter in my life I wish things could be alright
Not having to stay up in me so tight
I wish I could live free
Head off into my own kind of sea
Cuz if seeing is believing
And trusting is in you
How else do you see the world
When very few do
Hang on tight
My world is yours
Get ready to take flight
Head out into battle
With your head held high
Jump upon the saddle
And spread your wings up high
Because your doing it your getting ready to fly..
Don’t give up on your fight
Just look up towards the light
She is reaching down
When you’re reaching up
She feels your tears
And knows all of your fears
Step away from your peers
Let go of those fears
Dream Run and fly
When she is by your side you feel pride
That you cannot hide
She is your angel in disguise

The author's comments:
I have gone through a lot, After experiencing losing a lot of family members through death it finally became where my emotions started coming out. I feel i have a talent to write poetry and lyrics i just need someone to get me there! I believe this is the key!

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