He lied

October 26, 2010
By 20Autumn14 GOLD, Ely, Nevada
20Autumn14 GOLD, Ely, Nevada
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"Hey can you hang out?" she asked.
"No, I can't, I have to be careful what I do I don't want to screw up again, because, if I do I don't know what will happen." he answered.
"oh okay well I guess I will see you around then." she said as if about ready to say more. She began to walk away and told herself don't look back he's history... She turned back and saw the look of worries in his eyes.
One week later he was suppose to pick his brother up from an activity, she was there with the little brother waiting with him. He never showed, the little boys was getting scared, he called his mom.
"Mom," the little boy said, "he's not here yet..."
"What?!?" the mother questioned. "He should be he left half an hour ago. Try his cell."
"I did."
"Well I'm on my way." Then the mother hung up the phone.
The next day she seen him, she didn't know what to say: His eyes were bloodshot, he had a hang over and was sick. She thought to herself: That's not him it can't be he told me he didn't want to screw up.
It turned out he went drinking that night and was in a crash: His best friend died and now he wanted to commit suicide.
She went to his house after school to bring him his work that he didn't get before he went home.
She walked into his room and there he was with a rope around his neck standing on a stool...
"No don't!!" She yelled.
He kicked the stool out from under his feet and he was gone.
His eyelids closed slowly. As his baby blue eyes rolled back.
She screamed at the top of her lungs as the mother ran in.
He took his life to be with his friend.
He lied and now he's gone.
He screwed up... it was his fault no one else's.

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