Love Like a Liar

November 2, 2010
By , Everett, WA
You love like a liar,sayin' everything is great.
The moment I believe, you turn your back and let me break.
You said it was the truth, and you were everything to me. Yet I hadn't realized the danger until you loved me with the lies.
Maybe if I was with you, I would've seen it hidden in those deepset eyes.
You played me like a violin,while breaking every last string.
You say you want to fix everything, truth is, you can't fix the shattered heart.
I'm sorry baby,your crap won't b tolerated where truth is what you find.
One day you will realize your massive mistake.How you lost who loved you most.
Where that lustful love lingered, you can now find the burning sensation of hateful fire.
All because, you loved me. Like a liar.

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